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Generate and Manage Formulaic API Keys

Formulaic has a REST API that you can use to programmatically query the list of publicly shared Formulas and to retrieve full Formulas by ID, including your private Formulas.

Click on the top right profile icon and Click profile.

Profile icon with menu exposed.

Generate a new API key

At the bottom of the profile page you'll see the API key management area. Click the Generate API Key button.

Screenshot: Manage Keys area

Enter a memorable name for your API key and click the Generate button. It's a good practice to have different keys for development and production use.

Screenshot: Enter your key name

Your new key will generate. This is the only time you will be able to see your key as clear text and copy it. Once you navigate away from this page, your key will be hidden and you will only be able to delete it.

Copy your key for use in your secure development environment.

Screenshot: Manage Keys area

Delete a Key

Keep your keys secure and safe so that others are not able to call your private Formulas. If a key is lost, delete it and replace it with a new key.

To delete a key, simply return to the Profile page and click the Delete link that corresponds to the key you want to delete. The old deleted key will no longer be able to retrieve your private Formulas nor public Formulas from the Formulaic API.

Screenshot: Manage Keys area