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Report a Violation

Content policy violations

All Formulas published on Formulaic must meet the guidelines stated in our content policies. If you believe a Formula violates one or more guidelines, you can report it and one of our moderators will review it. We take all moderation requests seriously.

How to report a content violation

Navigate to the Run screen for Formula that you believe is in violation. You can easily reach the Run screen by clicking the Run button that appears at the bottom left of every Formula card.

Formula card showing Run button.

Formula Run Screen: copy the page URL

Once on the Run screen for the Formula you wish to report, copy the page URL from the browser URL bar

Screenshot of the page URL on the Run screen.

Email our content moderation team

Send an email to our content moderation team at

Include in your email:

  • The page URL of the Formula that you are reporting
  • The reason you believe it is a violation of our content policy
  • Any other information or context you would like us to consider
  • The specific policy you believe this Formula violates. You can view all content policies here.

Reporters: What you can expect after reporting a violation

Our moderation team will review your content violation report and make a decision. If we deem that the reported Formula is in violation, we will unpublish it from the Formulaic website and notify the publisher. The Formula publisher has six months in which to appeal our decision.

We will notify you of our content decision at the same email address that you used to submit your report.

Depending on the severity of a violation, we may take further action against the Formula publisher, including terminating their Formulaic account.

Publishers: What you can expect if your Formula is flagged for review

All Formulaic users are bound by our terms of service and our content policies. If your Formula is flagged for review and our moderators decide that your Formula does not meet our guidelines, we will unpublish it from the public website. We will then notify you via email that you are in violation of the content policies.

Appeals process

You may appeal a content moderation decision up to six months after we notify you of the violation. Begin your appeal by replying to the violation email that we sent to you. In your reply, state the following:

  • Your rationale for why your Formula is not in violation of the content policy we have highlighted

If you no longer have the violation email we sent, you may also appeal by emailing us at from the email address you use for Formulaic. We require you to use your same Formulaic email address for proof of account ownership. Please include the following in your email to us:

  • A description of the Formula for which we issued a violation
  • Your rationale for why your Formula is not in violation of the content policy we have highlighted

Severe or repeated violations

Depending on the severity of a violation or a repeated pattern of content violations, users may be suspended, removed, or permanently banned from using Formulaic.